My office is in the lower level of my home at 5589 Guilford Road here in Rockford, Illinois. This is very easy to find:

  • Just drive 1 mile east from the Alpine/Guilford Road intersection or 1/3 mile west from the Mulford/Guilford intersection.
  • My home is the one with the white mailbox with the red heart (see below) on the the south side of Guilford, just across the road from the white-fenced horse farm.
  • Just park midway up the driveway and take the steps around the garage to the back. Please watch your step, especially if it is dark and when there is snow or ice!
  • In the back, you will find the door to my waiting room by a porch swing. Just come on in and have a seat.
  • To minimize waiting room distractions while sessions are in progress, please arrive no more than 5 minutes early. Also, please call me if you are running late. I always try to start and end every session on time.