Services & Fees

My fees are usual and customary based on my level of education, experience, and advanced training.
As a clinical counseling specialist with advanced training, qualifications, and experience, please expect my fee is higher than other therapists. For information on my current fees please call my office 815-980-2449. But if you can’t afford my fees and you don’t have adequate insurance, you may request a SLIDING FEE based on your annual income and other factors. The sliding fee is made possible by the AIM (Abide in Me) Benevolence Fund which was established help pay whatever portion of my fee that you cannot pay. If you are requesting the sliding fee, please be prepared to answer the following questions before making your first appointment: 

  1. What’s your current annual household income?
  2. What is it about my counseling approach that causes you to believe that you can benefit from it?
  3. If you have financial hardship or significant debt, please describe.
  4. How likely is it that FAMILY, CHURCH or LOVED ONES can assist you in making payments?