Personal Life

Because you are seeking my counsel on your personal life, I believe that you have a right to ask about mine. I try to be as transparent as I can with any questions clients ask about my personal life. Here’s a brief summary:

My wife Joni and I are both licensed therapists who see clients mostly online from our home in Canon City, CO, near the Royal Gorge in the Rocky Mountains. We’re very proud of both of our daughters; now adults, and we also enjoy seeing our grandson as much as we can.

I’m currently writing a book which describes the AIM (“Abide in Me”) Method for counseling and Christian living, and hope to use that material for doing Christian retreats and training other therapists in the AIM Method of counseling.

When I’m not counseling and writing, you’ll probably find me either in my music studio, where I play and write music for guitar, or you’ll find me hiking mountain trails in the Rockies.